Focusing on What’s Important (Video)

Many people today struggle with mastering the juggling act of life. We tend to overrate the importance of some things in our life at the expense of other things that really are important. In this video teaching, Frank King argues that each of us needs to determine what’s most important in life and discipline ourselves […]

Praying for One Another, Pt. 2 (Audio Sermon)

This episode is part two of Frank King’s sermon  on the importance of Christians praying for one another. The Bible has a lot to say on this subject. It says we should pray for all who are in authority, for instance. It also says we should pray for each other so we can be healed. […]

How We Maintain Focus in This Unfocused World

Amidst the silliness of this world in which we live, we must maintain focus. But doing that is becoming increasingly more challenging. Whenever I fire up my computer and land on the home page of my default browser, I see teasers to attention-grabbing human interest and news articles. Sometimes, I am tempted to click on […]

Praying for One Another, Pt. 1 (Audio Sermon)

Praying for one another is something the Bible says Christians should do for each other. Our commitment to praying for one another is a reflection of what we believe or don’t believe about the benefits of prayer. If we believe that prayer makes a positive difference we will commit to praying for others. In this […]

How to Pray (Video)

For victorious Christian living, prayer is not an option but a must. However, prayer is what many Christian show little interest in doing. This is evident at the local church’s prayer meeting. Some people may question the need for a teaching on how to pray. They say prayer is simply talking with God. In simplest […]

Being in the Presence of the Lord, Pt. 2 (Audio Sermon)

When we tarry before the Lord to experience His presence, supernatural things happen to us and for us. We know it is humanly possible for us to experience the presence of the Lord because, according to the Bible, in His presence is fullness of joy.  But many of us find ourselves caught up in the […]

You Determine the Quality of Your Relationship with God

Something got me to thinking about relationships in general and our relationship with God in particular. It was yesterday afternoon. I drove an hour and a half to a couple’s home to provide some marriage counseling. The two belong to the local church I pastor. Let’s just say the meeting turned out to be much […]