Our Moral Decline Concerns Most Americans but What Is Right and Wrong?

Does the increasing moral decline in America concern you? If it does, you are not alone. Most Americans are concerned about our moral decline. That’s the finding of a recent survey conducted by Lifeway Research. According to the findings, 81 percent of Americans agreed with the statement: “I am concerned about declining moral behavior in […]

Does “Conservative Theology” Contribute to Church Growth?

Yesterday, I read the summary of a five-year research project. Canadian researchers sought to understand why some churches in the US and Canada were growing while most were declining. The researchers believe they have found the answer. Based on their findings, they say  conservative theology of the congregants and their clergymen is what sustains church […]

Survey: New Churches More Successful at Reaching the Unchurched?

A couple of days ago, I read the results of a recent study by LifeWay Research. According to the study, the amount of new Protestant churches opened in 2014 (estimated at 4000) exceeded the amount of existing churches that closed (estimated at 3700). Moreover, these new churches are having more success reaching the unchurched. Forty-two […]

Survey Reveals Church Involvement in Twenty-Two Denominations

The Pew Research Center recently released the results of its Religious Landscape Study. This study ranks the church involvement among 22 denominations. For Christians, this is an important metric. Christianity is not about head count but engagement. In the study, those who were a member of a local congregation, attended a religious service at least […]

Study Reveals the Top Child Health Concerns for Today’s Parents

Are you a parent of teens or young adults? What are some of your twenty-first century parental concerns or fears? Some findings from the ninth annual survey of the top child health concerns conducted by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital were published this week. Parents rate childhood obesity, bullying and drug abuse as their top […]

New Study Shows Strong Downward Trend in Christianity Worldwide

Christianity and Islam are the two major religions in the world today. According to a new extensive study by the Pew Research Center, about 2.2 billion Christians exist worldwide. And there are approximately 1.6 Muslims. It is projected that Islam will see substantial gains between 2010 and 2050. During that same period, Christianity will grow […]

Study Focuses on the Internet as a Ministry Tool

The Barna Group recently conducted a two-part nationwide study involving 610 Protestant church pastors across the country. The study focused on these pastors’ personal use of the Internet and their view toward it as a tool for ministry. Based on the results of the study, 87 percent of those pastors believe it is theologically acceptable to […]

Recent Study Reveals Who Reads the Bible and Why

An increasing number of Americans do not claim affiliation with any particular religion. Nearly all Christian denominations today are experiencing membership decline. But according to statistical data from a recent study conducted by the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture, the Bible continues to occupy a relevant place in the lives of […]