Our Relationship with Christ Makes the Difference

Last week, an army of white nationalists and white supremacists converged on Charlottesville, VA, for a rally. They were met there by crowds of counter protesters. As the two sides interacted, the event turned ugly and resulted in loss of life. Subsequently, all over the country, debates were taking place with regard to the fate […]

Only Our Relationship with Christ Determines Where We Spend Eternity

Some people think we live, we die, and we are buried–end of story. Accordingly, they don’t concern themselves with anything beyond the grave. But this perspective on life and death is far from the truth. The Bible declares that things don’t end at the grave. We will spend eternity somewhere. Our relationship with Christ is […]

Considerations for Passionate Christian Living

How would you define your relationship with Christ? Does your heart pant after His? Or would you define yourself as being passive toward Him? Every Christian is in the driver’s seat as to what kind of relationship he or she will have with the Lord. I realize that some people have greater challenges in their […]