Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Once upon a time, there was this young and beautiful girl. She had seriously low self-esteem. She also had an inferiority complex. Until one day, she met a young man who fell head over heels in love with her. He never ceased to make her feel special. Over time, this love transformed her life. No […]

Faith Frees Us from the Torment of Fear

“Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.” These words were penned by an unknown author. They capture a powerful reality about many of our fears. All of us know the torment of fear at one time or another. A mysterious pain in your body can cause you to fear the worst, […]

The True Reflection of Our Faith

What is the true reflection of our faith? During Jesus’ public ministry, He often chastised the disciples about their lack of faith. In fact, a lack of faith was almost always the reason why they failed to accomplish what the Lord had instructed them to. They forsook everything to follow Jesus. They heard every sermon He […]

We Don’t Have to Live in Fear

It just seems to never stop: the massacre at an Aurora, Colorado, theater; the school shooting in Newton, Connecticut; a rogue cop going on a killing spree and declaring all-out war on the LAPD; the recent Boston Marathon bombings. This stuff just keeps happening. Furthermore, I am certain there is no end in sight. But […]

We Are Divinely Protected

I just wonder how many times God has divinely protected me from danger or death, and I didn’t even know it. How many times have I, as some say, robbed death? Only God in heaven knows. I thought on that question this week while I was attending a meeting at Ft. Hood, Texas. As we […]