Jesus’ Fourfold Work on the Cross (Audio Teaching)

Easter or Resurrection Day is one of the biggest times of the year for the Christian community. We make a big deal about this historic event because of Jesus’ profound work on the cross for us.  Crucifixion tended to be reserved for the worst of criminals. But the sufferings and the barbaric death Jesus endured […]

The Message of the Cross

In less than three weeks from the date of this post, we will celebrate the bodily resurrection of Jesus in many parts of the world. Central to this celebration, also called Easter, is the message of the cross. Jesus died a barbaric death on the cross for us. But many—if  not most—preachers seldom preach the […]

The Preaching of the Cross

To me, the greatest thing about Easter is that in churches everywhere, churchgoers will hear the preaching of the cross. That is not to suggest that the cross is a seasonal message, for it is not. The cross is central to the gospel. In the Bible, all roads lead to the cross. That being the […]