Survey–Pastors Struggled with Their Vote for the Presidential Election

This past Tuesday, Mr. Donald Trump was elected as our next President. The evangelical community was a major factor in Mr. Trump’s historic victory. To vote for him, Christians admittedly had to look beyond his despicable conduct during his bid for the nomination and during the presidential election campaign. The depth of the challenge to […]

Navigating the Current Presidential Election Campaign

I view America’s current presidential election as the most divisive one I have seen in my adult life. Both candidates rate poorly in the area of trustworthiness. Having been a Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds and controversial acts precede her. As for Donald Trump, his loose tongue, the ambiguity with which he speaks, […]

Why Proper Temperament is Vital for Presidents, Pastors, and Others

During our current presidential campaign, people have been talking a lot about temperament. The recurrent accusation is that presidential candidate Donald Trump lacks the temperament necessary to be President of the United States. That charge has not only been leveled against him by Hillary Clinton. Several Republicans who were competing for the party’s nomination claimed the […]

Some Biblical Standards for National Leaders

I have been watching some of the current presidential debates. The most interesting and entertaining ones have been those of the Republican party. That’s because the party still has 10 or more presidential candidates with significantly divergent views. And one of its candidates is none other than Donald Trump. The other Republican candidates seem to […]