Why We Must Believe in the Jesus of the Bible

This week, I read some interesting results from research recently conducted by the Barna Group. The article is entitled “What Do Americans Believe About Jesus? 5 Popular Beliefs.” It goes without saying that not everybody in Christianity agrees on everything about Jesus. That’s one of the reasons we have the many Christian denominations we currently […]

Study Focuses on the Internet as a Ministry Tool

The Barna Group recently conducted a two-part nationwide study involving 610 Protestant church pastors across the country. The study focused on these pastors’ personal use of the Internet and their view toward it as a tool for ministry. Based on the results of the study, 87 percent of those pastors believe it is theologically acceptable to […]

Considerations for Keeping Young Adults in the Church

If the Christian church is to remain vibrant, it do better at keeping young adults in church than it currently does. Based on the current trend, that’s easier said than done. I recently read an article published by the Barna Group entitled, “5 Reasons Millennials Stay Connected to Church.” The article stated that within the […]

What Does the Success of “The Bible” Miniseries Mean?

“The Bible” miniseries that aired on the History Channel was a surprising success. According to Nielson, the first episode which aired on March 3, had 13.1 million viewers. This made it the biggest cable hit of the year. My favorite episode of the miniseries was the finale which aired this past Sunday, and which coincided with […]

Study: Number of Donors Giving Online Increases to Almost 60%

Having an ample supply of financial contributors is the lifeline of charities and many nonprofit organizations. It should be no surprise that during our sluggish economy the past several years these organizations have been feeling the impact of the economy. But there is some noteworthy news. According to a recent study commissioned by Dunham+Company, the […]

What Matters Most in Election 2012 for Voters Belonging to Faith Communities

  In American politics, it’s hard if not impossible to separate politics from religion. That’s because a person’s religious convictions help to shape his worldview, and this in turn impacts the issues he or she cares about the most. That’s one of the messages I get from the results of a nationwide survey among likely […]