Should America be Labeled as “Post-Christian”?

Throughout history, America has been regarded as a Christian nation. This denotes that the dominant core beliefs and worldview of the majority of her citizens are Christian-based.  But that characterization is becoming increasingly less true of America. We continue to move in an opposite direction. Some argue that we are now living in a post-Christian […]

My Take on Pope Francis’ Message to Congress and to America

Yesterday, Pope Francis addressed the United States Congress. As many do, I admire and have great respect for the Pope. I am certain, however, that his message will have little or no impact on Congress and the way it currently functions—or fails to function. Nothing short of an act of God can change the culture […]

Can We Live up to Our Motto "In God We Trust"?

  Last Tuesday, by a vote of 396-9, the House reaffirmed our national motto “In God We Trust.” This motto was first adopted by Congress in 1956. Since there was no threat to abandon the motto, some lawmakers argue that the recent measure was unnecessary. President Obama mocked the legislation, saying it does nothing to […]

What We Believe About the Bible

According to a recent Gallup poll, the dominant view of Americans is that the Bible is the Word of God. But what does that mean? Well, it’s according to whom you ask. According to the poll results released last week, there are three general beliefs about the Bible among Americans. One is that the Bible […]

Sexual Misconduct a Serious Problem for Elected Officials

  When elected officials make the news in a bad way, sexual or financial misconduct usually turns out to be the problem. Following former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s resignation announcement, revolving around tweeted explicit photos, Americans were polled regarding their views on sexual and financial misconduct among elected officials. The survey, conducted by Public Religion Research […]

Christians Living in Post-9/11 America

I remember the morning of September 11, 2001. The wife of one of my colleagues called to the Army base where we were working and told him to turn on the TV. She didn’t tell him what was going on. So we went to the break room and turned on the TV. At that time, […]