Benefits of the Bible (Video)

One of the most priceless gifts God has given to us is the Scriptures. For a period of over a thousand years, God used holy men to pen the Bible. In this video, Evangelist Frank King teaches on some of the benefits of the Bible. He explains why we should commit ourselves to regularly studying […]

How We Must Worship God (Video)

In worship, God must be front and center. There is a right way and there are wrong ways to worship God. That statement goes against the grain of our thinking. Many people think that as long as a place is called a church, how the people worship there must be acceptable to God. But that’s […]

Let the Mindset of Christ Be in You (Video)

It’s not only what we do but also how we do what we do in serving the Lord that counts. Jesus and His obedience to the cross was and is our example. Though He was deity, He took on the form of a servant and became obedient to the death of the cross. In this […]

The Costs of Discipleship (Video)

Accepting Christ as one’s Savior is one thing. But learning how to live the Christian lifestyle is another. That’s what discipleship is all about. A disciple is a follower of Christ and of His teachings. But there are costs associated with being a follower of Christ. In this video teaching, Evangelist Frank King teaches on […]

The Faithfulness of God (Video)

This episode serves to remind us that we can trust the faithfulness of God. He is the same God today that He was in biblical times. He knows how to bring His promises to past in our life. This is a video from Frank King’s You Tube channel. To visit his channel, click here.

Faithful Stewardship (Video)

All of us are stewards by default. We are stewards of God simply because He has committed resources into our hand to manage for Kingdom work. The question is are we being a good steward. This video teaching challenges Christians to exercise faithful stewardship with the resources God has placed in their care. To visit […]

Losing Your Life to Save It (Video)

Many people want Christ to be their Savior but not their Lord. They insist on living life for themselves. But Jesus calls on us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. Frank King teaches on the biblical concept of losing our life to save it. This video teaching is from Frank King’s […]

How to Be Victorious in Prayer (Video)

The devil opposes us when we pray. He does not want us to receive from God the things we pray for. The devil wants us to think God does not answer prayer. This is a biblical teaching on how Christians can be victorious in prayer. This is a video from Frank King’s You Tube channel. […]

The Doctrine of Salvation (Video)

This is a biblical teaching on the doctrine of salvation by Evangelist Frank King. Within the Christian community, we can disagree on some things in the Bible and still be OK. But we can’t afford to be wrong about how to be saved. It is a matter of eternal consequences. This is a video from Frank […]

How to Grow As a Christian (Video)

When we first become a Christian, we don’t know how to effectively live for Christ. On the other hand, God gives us everything we need to grow and mature. It is our Christian duty to grow toward maturity. In this teaching, Evangelist Frank King teaches on the subject of  how to grow as a Christian. This […]