The Importance of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit (Video)

John the Baptist baptized with water, but Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit. In this video, Frank King teaches on the importance of and the life-changing power of the baptism with the Holy Spirit. This experience is available to every genuine believer in Christ. Through it, God empowers our life to more effectively serve […]

Keeping God in Our Home (Video)

The onslaught against the Christian family is more vicious today than ever before. If we allow this ungodly culture in which we live to become the dominant influence upon our family members, they will stray from the truth and with time, they will forget the Lord. In this video teaching, Frank King addresses the subject […]

The Importance of Patience (Video)

In this video teaching, Evangelist Frank King addresses the importance of patience in the life of a Christian. We live in a fast-paced world. But the Bible instructs us to wait on the Lord. Sometimes, we miss out on receiving from the Lord because of our unwillingness to wait on the Lord. One of the […]

Finishing Strong for God (Video)

In Christ, it’s not how we start but how we finish. Some believers start off strong in their relationship with God. But over time their zeal for the Lord diminishes. Moreover, no matter what God calls you to do or blesses you to be able to do, you will be tested along the way. In […]

The Different Kinds of Hearers in Church (Video)

The ministry of the Word of God is a powerful thing. Through it, lives can be radically changed. But even when a group of people listen to the same message in church at the same time, the impact won’t be the same for everybody. The variable, and hence the catalyst, is the openness of each […]

Trusting God When God Does Not Make Sense to Us (Video)

This video teaching underscores the importance of trusting God when God doesn’t make sense to us. Just because you are a servant of God does not mean your faith will not be tested. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a place in life where you can’t find any biblical reason why you are where you […]

Being Faithful to God (Video)

What do you do when you face temptation to do wrong and no one’s looking but God? At one time or another, every one of us will have our claims of faithfulness to God challenged. In such instances, talk is cheap. Our commitment to faithfulness is not reflected in what we say but in what […]

The Saving Grace of God (Video)

Some people think they can’t be saved because of all the intimidating commandments in the Bible. But we are not saved by adhering to a list of do’s and don’ts in the Bible. Rather, salvation is a gift from God. In this video teaching, Evangelist Frank King expounds on God’s plan of salvation by grace […]

Benefits of the Bible (Video)

One of the most priceless gifts God has given to us is the Scriptures. For a period of over a thousand years, God used holy men to pen the Bible. In this video, Evangelist Frank King teaches on some of the benefits of the Bible. He explains why we should commit ourselves to regularly studying […]

How We Must Worship God (Video)

In worship, God must be front and center. There is a right way and there are wrong ways to worship God. That statement goes against the grain of our thinking. Many people think that as long as a place is called a church, how the people worship there must be acceptable to God. But that’s […]