How Americans Feel About God After Destructive Natural Disasters

Last month, an EF5 tornado cut a 17 mile-long path of destruction, more than 1 mile wide through Oklahoma. Peak winds exceeded 200 miles per hour. Twenty-four people were killed; Moore, OK, was devastated; and the tornado destroyed an estimated 4000 homes and businesses. During such disasters, the subject of God often comes up. People refer to […]

What Do Christians Want in a Leader?

In Christian ministry, leadership is a must. But there is leadership, and then there is effective leadership. However, a discussion on what constitutes effective leadership is way beyond the scope of this blog post. So let’s get down to a more subjective level. What do Christians want (not necessarily what they need) in a leader?  […]

What Does the Success of “The Bible” Miniseries Mean?

“The Bible” miniseries that aired on the History Channel was a surprising success. According to Nielson, the first episode which aired on March 3, had 13.1 million viewers. This made it the biggest cable hit of the year. My favorite episode of the miniseries was the finale which aired this past Sunday, and which coincided with […]

One Out of Every Five American Adults Have No Religious Affiliation

Based on a recent poll performed by the Pew Research Center, ties to a church, a denomination, or a particular religion is becoming increasingly less important to American adults. Nearly one in five of all adults, and one-third of adults under 30, have no religious affiliation. These 2012 percentages are the highest ever in Pew Research […]

Study: Most Pastors Disapprove of Endorsing Politicians from the Pulpit

Sunday, October 7, 2012, has been designated as “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” by the Alliance Defending Freedom. Under current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, tax-exempt organizations are prohibited from campaigning for or against political candidates. Tax-exempt organizations that violate this restriction can have their tax-exempt status revoked, according to the IRS. The Alliance Defending Freedom argues […]

Study: Current TV Ratings System is a Failure

What are your kids likely to see when they view TV programming that is rated TV-PG? Oftentimes, they are exposed to violence, explicit content, and profanity without warning. That’s the finding of a study conducted by the Parents Television Council (PTC). The results of the study were released last Wednesday.  During the study, the PTC […]

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

There is some interesting talk in the news this week, centered around a fragment of an ancient text. It portrays Jesus referring to Himself as having a wife. Karen King, a historian at Harvard Divinity School, presented her finding Tuesday at the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies. King had been given the papyrus fragment by […]