The Power of Corporate Prayer

Corporate prayer tends to be the least attended weekly worship gathering in most local churches. Really, that’s an understatement. Many local churches do hold a weekly prayer meeting. But for most, it would be rare to see more than ten people in attendance out of a congregation of two hundred members. Why is that so awful? […]

Why Christians Should Fast

Since I became a Christian over 30 years ago, I have been practicing fasting. I am writing on this subject because I believe biblical fasting can revolutionize the average Christian’s life. To do justice to this subject is beyond the scope of a blog post, but I’ll quickly address several important points. Most people know that […]

Pray to God and Never Give Up

In life in general, persistence pays off.  That’s why in prayer, we should never give up. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you,” the Bible says (Matthew 7:7, KJV). An interesting thing about this verse is that each of the verbs in the Greek […]

Prayer That Gets Results

We all want to experience prayer that gets results. But why does prayer not work for us any better than it does?  It’s certainly not because God has no interest in what we have to say. We know He is interested in hearing from us because He is the one who came up with this thing called […]

Pray With Confidence

Prayer was not our idea but God’s. He was so interested in having conversation with us that He came up with this thing called prayer so we could communicate with Him! When we pray, we should not simply go through the motions hoping something happens. We should pray with confidence, knowing that we have connected […]

Let’s Pray for Our Leaders

By now you know about the oil spill that recently occurred in the Gulf region. What an environmental and economic disaster this will become. Just a couple of weeks ago, the entire world was dealing with the volcanic eruption in Iceland that crippled the airline industry. To me that scene looked apocalyptic. I could go […]