Jesus Came to Give Life, Not to Take It Away

When I was in high school, I had three classmates who were passionate followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Two of them were girls, and one was a guy. They often invited me to church. But when I observed how the two girls dressed-no pants, only dresses; no toes showing, no makeup-I was not interested. […]

What is True Life?

If we are not careful, this world will have us to believe that our life is measured by the things we have. And to some degree, we all feed into that wrong message. For many special occasions–Christmas, weddings, graduation, birthdays, etc.–we celebrate by buying and giving things to others. This is not bad in and […]

Why We Must Believe in the Jesus of the Bible

This week, I read some interesting results from research recently conducted by the Barna Group. The article is entitled “What Do Americans Believe About Jesus? 5 Popular Beliefs.” It goes without saying that not everybody in Christianity agrees on everything about Jesus. That’s one of the reasons we have the many Christian denominations we currently […]

The Matchless Name of Jesus

One day Jesus sent out seventy of His disciples (Luke 10:1). Their charge was to go before Him and proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom. In the end, these disciples came back to Jesus rejoicing. “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through your name” (verse 17). The name of Jesus still carries that […]

Jesus, Our High Priest

  The Bible says Jesus is our High Priest. There are vast differences between our High Priest and the high priests of the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, for example, the high priest offered the blood of animals and the flesh of animals for the sins of the people (and for himself). In the […]

Jesus is Lord

  Jesus is Lord, and He wants to be Lord of our life. He does not only want us to call Him Lord, but also He wants us to obey Him as the same. “Why call you me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” Jesus asked a crowd (Luke 6:46). We […]

The Deity of Christ

I am writing this post two weeks before Christmas Day. Even though we are that close to the holiday, if I didn’t know any better, based on what I have seen around town so far, I would be led to believe that Christmas is all about shopping, eating, and decorating. But I know that for […]