Some Biblical Standards for National Leaders

I have been watching some of the current presidential debates. The most interesting and entertaining ones have been those of the Republican party. That’s because the party still has 10 or more presidential candidates with significantly divergent views. And one of its candidates is none other than Donald Trump. The other Republican candidates seem to […]

My Take on Pope Francis’ Message to Congress and to America

Yesterday, Pope Francis addressed the United States Congress. As many do, I admire and have great respect for the Pope. I am certain, however, that his message will have little or no impact on Congress and the way it currently functions—or fails to function. Nothing short of an act of God can change the culture […]

Houston City Officials Demand Pastors to Turn Over Sermons?

Houston’s first openly gay mayor and her city council have issued subpoenas to a group of local pastors there. City officials are demanding that the pastors turn over sermons and notes that address homosexuality, gender identity, or Annise Parker, the mayor. Reportedly, the subpoenas represent the latest development in the fallout from a new non-discrimination […]