Life is More Than Lots of Stuff (A Friendly Christmas Reminder)

I’m writing this blog post just three days after so-called Black Friday. It’s unofficially the beginning of our Christmas shopping season here in America. And why are so many shoppers so passionate about standing in line outside stores the wee hours of the morning before? To be among the first to buy some more stuff, hopefully at […]

A Reason to Give Thanks

Four days from now, we in America will celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday. In light of that, I want to share with you some of my thoughts on Psalm 136. Verse one of this psalm reads, “O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endures forever.” Interestingly, this psalm contains […]

The Message of the Cross

In less than three weeks from the date of this post, we will celebrate the bodily resurrection of Jesus in many parts of the world. Central to this celebration, also called Easter, is the message of the cross. Jesus died a barbaric death on the cross for us. But many—if  not most—preachers seldom preach the […]

A Plan for Success in 2013.

As I write this post just two days before New Year’s Day, I am sure that many of you have goals for the New Year. There is no requirement for us to do so, but a New Year offers the opportunity for us to make some assessments about our goals in life. Doing so may give us […]

The First Christmas Message

Do you know what was the first Christmas message? It is found in the Bible in the second chapter of the book of Luke. Here is how it came about.  Some shepherds were keeping watch over their flock at night. Then the angel of the Lord came and told them that Christ had been born that […]

Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas

This year, a number of major retailers decided  they couldn’t wait until Friday after Thanksgiving Day, commonly considered the beginning of Christmas shopping. Instead, they wanted shoppers to come out on Thanksgiving evening to start their Christmas shopping. The plan was for shoppers to spend part of Thanksgiving Day with family, and then have them […]

Why Christians Should Not Celebrate Halloween

Within the Christian community, there is not and probably will never be unanimity regarding participation in Halloween festivities. To some believers, Halloween is harmless. They know in their heart they have no interest in the pagan practices and the subsequent superstitions of black cats and witches that lie at the root of this holiday. To them, they […]