It is Through Faith We Understand

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” (Hebrews 11:3). When you think about it, this is a profound verse. If it is through faith that we understand this, then we conclude that without faith […]

Show God Your Faith

We talk about faith in God a lot because the Bible talks about faith a lot. But if we never show God our faith, this is not biblical faith. On the other hand, not all acts done in the name of faith are acts of faith. Some stem from ignorance of the Scriptures or errant […]

The True Reflection of Our Faith

What is the true reflection of our faith? During Jesus’ public ministry, He often chastised the disciples about their lack of faith. In fact, a lack of faith was almost always the reason why they failed to accomplish what the Lord had instructed them to. They forsook everything to follow Jesus. They heard every sermon He […]

Our Faith in the Eyes of God

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He talked about the importance of our faith in God and what we could accomplish through such faith. But through studying the Scriptures, I am convinced that our concept of faith and God’s concept of faith are often worlds apart. Let’s start with the Old Testament. While the children of Israel were in […]

Do We Really Have Faith in God?

During Jesus’ day, He referred to those of His day as a “faithless and perverse generation” (Matthew 17:17). He even said this about His disciples! Then in the book of Luke, chapter 18, Jesus teaches about the need for us to pray always  and to never give up. He concludes that teaching with these words: […]

True Faith or Dead Faith?

In the book of James, the Bible talks about two kinds of faith: dead faith and true faith. Here is what the Bible says: “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead” (James 2:17). So we define dead faith as a passive faith that is not accompanied by action.   In […]

Faith to Face the Future

There is little or no demand on our faith in God when life is good. During those times, we don’t think much about trusting Him. The test of our faith occurs when life becomes too much for us to handle or when we are tormented by fear of our future, real or imagined. This is […]

Your Faith and Your Goals in Life

What are your goals in life? Having goals in life is one of the things that give our life purpose. If you have no goals in life but to simply exist, then your life will have very little purpose. The main point I want to stress in this post is that your faith in God […]

Where is Our Faith?

In America, there are so many things in our culture that challenge our efforts to live by faith in God. The prevailing thinking in our world is that man is in total control of his own destiny. We tend to think that no matter what the challenges of our world are, with enough funding for […]