You Can’t Reach the Lost if You Won’t Sit with Them

Jesus unloaded much rebuke upon the Pharisees during His public ministry. But perhaps we Christians are more like that bunch than we want to admit. The Pharisees felt as though they were better than everyone else—including Jesus. They would not be found hanging out with so-called sinners. So when they saw Jesus eating with publicans […]

Lessons from the Preaching Ministry of Jesus

Think about the preaching and teaching ministry of Jesus. Wherever He went, multitudes gathered to hear Him. It was not that way for the scribes and the Pharisees. So I thought to myself, what was it that made Jesus such a hit with people? Here, I want to share three things we preachers can learn […]

Heaven’s Greatest Joy Must Become Ours

Why is it important for us to know what heaven is most passionate about on earth? Because that’s where God is working and investing the majority of His resources. And that’s what we need to focus on if we want to be a part of what God is doing. One day Jesus ministered to a […]

The Church and the Gospel Are for the “Sick”

The premise of the gospel is that our life is messed up and only God can fix it. That’s actually good news. Think about it. What if that were not the case? What if the Christian church and the gospel could only help those who already have it together? We would all be hopelessly lost. […]

We Must Maintain a Burden for the Lost

As I pen this post, I am in Seattle, Washington. That’s a long ways from Southeast Georgia where I live. I was intending on writing about something else today. But my experience in downtown Seattle today changed that. It all started when I came off the elevator from the Space Needle. I have been to […]

Unleashing the Power of Bible Preaching

God wants all men and women to accept His Son Jesus Christ. Of course, not all will do so. But it is His will nonetheless. The power of Bible preaching lies in the fact that its very objective is for the lost to believe on Christ. To a group of Jews, Jesus said these words: […]

If Our Gospel Be Hid

Most people who regularly attend church believe they have an obligation to share their faith with the unchurched, but most of them have not told another person how to become a Christian in the past six months. At least that was the findings of a study done a couple of years ago. Even if that […]