Three Questions Regarding the Death of Michael Brown

I know we don’t know everything about what happened that night—excuse me–that bright Saturday afternoon. But as a black man with a teenage son living in America, I see a troubling trend. So let me just throw out three quick questions that I have been entertaining about the death of Michael Brown. First, to the officer […]

We Must Maintain a Burden for the Lost

As I pen this post, I am in Seattle, Washington. That’s a long ways from Southeast Georgia where I live. I was intending on writing about something else today. But my experience in downtown Seattle today changed that. It all started when I came off the elevator from the Space Needle. I have been to […]

Southern Baptist Leaders Seek to Revitalize Churches

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the largest Protestant denomination in America, is declining. Reportedly, 800 to 1000 of its congregations cease to exist each year. Church leaders want to revitalize churches that are on the decline. So what is the problem? Or what do they think is the problem? “Churches are closing in large part […]

Snake-Handling Pastor Dies from Snakebite

Jamie Coots, a snake-handling Pentecostal pastor who used live serpents as part of his religious services, died last Sunday after being bitten by a snake and refusing medical attention. Reportedly, Coots had been bitten nine times in the past. Religious leaders who practice snake-handling base their actions on a verse in the Bible found in […]

Pope Francis Says the Internet is a “Gift from God”

It seems as if anytime Pope Francis speaks, it becomes news. This week he made the news by referring to the internet as a “gift from God.” But Pope Francis also warned that our obsession with staying digitally connected can isolate us from our neighbors, families, and friends. The internet is definitely one of my […]

Farewell Westboro Baptist Church

I read an article a couple of days ago that really moved me. According to it, two of the granddaughters of the pastor of Westboro Baptist Church left the church about a year ago. I was so impressed by the courage of these two young ladies that I felt I had to share it on […]