Chick-fil-A Management Offers Its Building to Church for Sunday Worship

Did While online, I read an interesting story that caught my attention. The White Oak Community Church in Sandston, Virginia, did not have a place to hold its Sunday worship meeting. It had been using the ballroom at a nearby Econo Lodge hotel. That space became unavailable to the church because of some building issues. […]

Christian Bloggers and Alternative News Sources Must Have Integrity

Last week, Washington Post religion reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey wrote to underscore a concern about evangelicals’ increasing reliance on opinion sites and their rhetoric against the mainstream media. Bailey also referred to the recent fake news story about Hillary Clinton operating a child sex ring out of a Washington DC, pizzeria. A North Carolina man reading the […]

God is the Only Source of Our Power to Forgive Others

On Monday, Pope Francis extended indefinitely to all Catholic priests the power to forgive abortion. He had already previously granted power to them temporarily to give “sacramental absolution” for abortion. It is believed that their updated authority will last at least until the end of Pope Francis’ papacy. For the record, however, only God can […]

Navigating the Current Presidential Election Campaign

I view America’s current presidential election as the most divisive one I have seen in my adult life. Both candidates rate poorly in the area of trustworthiness. Having been a Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds and controversial acts precede her. As for Donald Trump, his loose tongue, the ambiguity with which he speaks, […]

Indiana Gets Its Second “Baby Drop-Off” Box

A few days ago, I read something I found troubling. The news was that the first two baby drop-off boxes for unwanted infants had been set up in Indiana. The second one was installed just last Thursday. Mothers who don’t want their infant child can place the unwanted infant in one of the boxes anonymously. Are you […]

Why Our Supreme Court is Hopelessly Partisan

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died last Saturday. Now the heated debate is about whether or not President Obama should pursue confirmation of a new justice while in office. The liberals say yes. Conservatives say no. Well, of course. Conservatives argue that President Obama is essentially a lame duck president. And that he should leave […]