Hell Is Real (Audio Teaching)

Some people don’t believe hell is real. They can’t understand how God can be love and send people to a place called hell. They have concluded that hell must be merely a figure of speech. But Jesus teaches that hell is real. God wants no one to go this terrible place. He sent His Son […]

The Power of Godly Living (Audio Teaching)

When we accept Christ as our Savior, we are empowered to live godly lives. God has given us all things that pertain to godliness. Through godly living, we can impact the lives of those who are not being impacted by preaching and teaching. As we demonstrate the power of godly living before others, God can […]

Jesus’ Fourfold Work on the Cross (Audio Teaching)

Easter or Resurrection Day is one of the biggest times of the year for the Christian community. We make a big deal about this historic event because of Jesus’ profound work on the cross for us.  Crucifixion tended to be reserved for the worst of criminals. But the sufferings and the barbaric death Jesus endured […]

The Word of God Sanctifies Us (Audio Teaching)

To be sanctified means to be set apart for God. The Word of God sanctifies our life as we incorporate its teachings into our life. It’s not possible for anyone to practice the teachings of the Word of God and to keep living the way they used to. Sanctification is incidental to obeying the Word […]

The Importance of Repentance (Audio Teaching)

Repentance denotes a change of mind that results in the turning of one’s heart toward God. Repentance is important because it is the means by which God forgives our sins. Repentance is not only for sinners who need to be saved. It is also for Christians who have lost their way in sinful activity. The […]

God Loves a Cheerful Giver (Audio Teaching)

Financial stewardship is important to God. It is the means by which the work of the Lord is financed. When it comes to our financial stewardship, it’s not only what we give to God but how we give. God loves a cheerful giver. He wants us to give financially because we love Him and because […]

We Must Practice What We Learn (Audio Teaching)

The question is, what are we doing with the gains we have made in biblical knowledge and spiritual growth? Sad but true, too many churchgoers chose to be passive believers. But we must be more than a good church member. God’s ultimate goal for each of us is to become laborers with Him. We can […]

The Teachings of Men Constitute Vain Worship (Audio Teaching)

Our main worship event in church normally involves preaching and/or teaching. But not everything that’s ministered from the pulpit is based upon the Word of God. During His public ministry, Jesus warned us about vain worship. He says the teachings of men, presented as doctrine, constitute vain worship. True worship involves the uncompromised preaching and […]

Get Your Spirit Under Control (Audio Teaching)

We should get and keep our spirit under control so we can stand during temptations or attacks from the enemy. This should be a top priority in the life of every Christian. We can accomplish this objective through prayer, Bible study, fellowship with other believers, and getting involved in the work of the Lord. When […]

Learn to Speak the Truth in Love (Audio Teaching)

God has called us to be messengers of the truth. He has given us the truth in the form of His Word. He has empowered us to speak the truth by way of the Holy Spirit. But oftentimes, it’s not what we say but how we say what we say. God wants us to speak the […]