God Will Provide for His Children (Audio Teaching)

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we become members of the family of God. We are His children, and He is our heavenly Father. As the children of God, we should not be anxious about our needs in this life because God will provide for His children.  This teaching serves to remind us […]

The Purpose of the Law under Grace (Audio Teaching)

Early in the Old Testament era, God gave us the Law, which includes the Ten Commandments. These commandments give us a window into the heart of God, in terms of His likes and dislikes. Moreover, they constitute moral laws for us to live by. But today, we are not under the Law but under Grace. […]

We Can Sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land (Audio Teaching)

In Psalm 137:4, we find these words: “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” Sometimes, we find ourselves in a “strange land.” Not a strange physical land but a strange place in life. It’s an unpleasant place in life where we have never been before. The surroundings are unfamiliar because it […]

A Commitment to Integrity in Ministry (Audio Teaching)

Minsters are the face of the gospel. They have been entrusted with the words of eternal life from heaven. To whom much is given much is required. It stands to reason then that ministers should reflect a commitment to integrity in ministry. They should uphold high moral standards and strive to bring no reproach on […]

Don’t Be A Stumblingblock to Others (Audio Teaching)

We should give due attention to our conduct before others. It has the power to impact their lives either negatively or positively. We tend to be good at judging others. But we are not nearly as good at critiquing ourselves. God wants us to spend more time judging ourselves and less time judging others. The […]

Make No Provision for the Flesh (Audio Teaching)

Even though we are Christians, not all the desires of our flesh are good. The Bible says we should make no provision for those wrong desires in our flesh. But how do we make provision for the flesh? We do this whenever we place ourselves in environments that are accommodating to our weaknesses or those […]

How We Grieve the Holy Spirit (Audio Teaching)

The Spirit of God indwells us when we become born again. Though we are saved by grace through faith in Christ, there are consequences when we practice sin while under grace. One effect is that we grieve the Holy Spirit when we do so. Like God, the Holy Spirit is holy. He will not give […]