Set Your Mind on Things Above (Audio Teaching)

Want to have a more vibrant relationship with God? Want to be used more mightily by God? Then set your mind on things above. This mindset can be accomplished only through becoming more heavenly-minded and less earthly-minded. The Word of God is the main vehicle for setting our mind on things above. If we want […]

God Is Our Source (Audio Teaching)

Frank King teaches on God’s ability to meet the needs of His people. Citizens of a country tend to look to their government and its leaders as their source. But Christians should not think that way because God is our source. He knows how to meet our needs. We can trust Him to be faithful […]

Obey the Word of God and Be Blessed (Audio Teaching)

Sometimes, the Word of God will challenge our faith. Sometimes, His Word will defy human logic. He may ask us to do what we have already done and expect different results. But when we obey the Word of God, the blessing of the Lord is upon us. From one end of the Bible to the […]

We Have an Anointing to Know and Walk in Truth (Audio Teaching)

The anointing is a divine impartation upon our lives. God anoints us for different purposes in accordance with His will. There is, however, an anointing that’s common to all believers. We have an anointing to know and walk in truth. Through this divine impartation, bona fide believers can grasp biblical truths without the aid of […]

We Don’t Wrestle against Flesh and Blood (Audio Teaching)

Though the opposition we experience in life often manifests itself through people, we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. Our real enemy is the dark spiritual forces at work in our world. They are orchestrating rampant crime in our streets, turmoil in government, and tension among world leaders. Human resources are no match for the […]