Deep and Wide Is a Helpful Resource for Reaching the Unchurched (Zondervan, February 9, 2016)

Book coverThis book is devoted to the subject of making the local church a place unchurched people love to attend. The question is, how do you create “irresistible ministry environments” that make it easy for unchurched visitors to feel connected? The author, Pastor Andy Stanley, founded North Point Ministries. This is one of the largest churches in North America. He argues that healthy local churches should be both “deep and wide.”  That is, the church should be characterized by theological depth and wide reaches; not one at the expense of the other.

I believe Deep and Wide is an excellent resource for church leaders who want to be more effective in reaching the unchurched. Pastor Andy says church leaders may not agree with everything done at North Point Ministries (most probably will not). But perhaps they can adjust the template he presents in “Deep and Wide,” and make it their own.