Christ Modeled the Best Life We Can Have

A board with the words "our best life"Lots of books have been written about our quest for the best life. As I was writing this post, I visited In the category of books, I searched for the titles of books containing the words “best life.” I saw titles such as “Creating Your Best Life, “The Best Year of Your Life,” “Your Best Life Now,” and so on. 

I suppose most if not all of us want to realize the best life we can have. That is the very life Jesus modeled for us while He was on earth. And it is through the writings of the apostles that we have a written record of Jesus’ public life.

In John the apostle’s first letter he wrote, “That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that you also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:3). Here, John gives one of the specific objectives of his and the other apostles’ records of what they heard and saw while they were with Jesus. It is to the intent that we have fellowship with God.

Jesus has returned to the Father. But His lifestyle and teachings have been captured in the apostles’ writings during His public ministry. As His disciples, we are to adapt His lifestyle and teachings into our life. When we do, we will experience fellowship with the Father as Jesus did.

Fellowship is important because it occurs when people who share common interests interact with each other. As we practice the lifestyle and teachings of Christ, as recorded in the apostles’ writings, our interests will become one with God’s. In turn, He will participate with the things we do. That is the nature of fellowship. And it is this kind of fellowship with God that empowers the things we do.

Secondly, John says, “These things write we unto you, that your joy may be full” (verse 4). So when we adapt the lifestyle and teachings of Christ in our life, as recorded in the apostles’ writings, not only will we experience fellowship with God. But also we will experience fullness of joy.

I submit that when we enjoy fellowship with God and have fullness of joy, we will experience the best life we can have. Actually, these two—fellowship with God and fullness of joy—are related. Our joy is fullest when we have fellowship with God. Jesus modeled that life while on earth. The apostles recorded what they heard and saw while they with Him. And they have declared those things to us.

Based on the objectives John shares in the two verses above, we can conclude that God wants you and me to have the best life we can have. He came down in the person of His Son to demonstrate how to live that “best life.” And we have this best plan for our life captured in the apostles’ writings.

[Fellowship with God plus fullness of joy equals our best life]

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2 thoughts on “Christ Modeled the Best Life We Can Have

  1. How beautiful! This is why we read of Christians who suffer persecution for their faith and yet they continue to serve God in the most difficult ways. They are keeping in fellowship with God and He is giving them great joy

    • I love the idea of having fellowship with God. I don’t won’t to ever feel as though what I do in the name of the Lord, I am doing it in my own strength. The truth is that as a follower of Christ, God is with us. We have fellowship with Him, and He is a part of what we do in His name.