You Need Sound, Bible-Based Preaching to Grow Properly

Preacher holding BibleThe Bible says, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that you may grow thereby” (1 Peter 2:2).The word sincere in this verse means undiluted or unadulterated. You see, if a newborn baby is to grow properly, he needs wholesome milk. It contains the nutrients his body needs. 

Also milk, as opposed to solid food, is easy on a baby’s delicate digestive system. However, if that milk is diluted with too much water, even though the baby may consume the same amount of liquid as before, he will not grow properly because the nutritional value of the milk has been severely compromised. That is the point being made in the verse above.

Notice that this verse instructs us to desire the sincere milk of the word. This one word brings us to the important subject of our mindset. My observation as a minister of the gospel is that many churchgoers cannot or they are not willing to stomach the undiluted version of the Word of God. They want something extremely watered down. They want preaching and teaching that do not challenge them, preaching and teaching that do not disturb their comfort zones. But the wholesome truths found in the Bible are not an option for Christians who want to grow properly.

So what is your appetite for sound Bible-based preaching and teaching? Your answer to that question is a reflection of your desire to grow properly as a Christian-or the lack thereof.

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