Get a Portable Laptop Stand for More Comfortable Viewing and Typing

laptop standDo you need your laptop to be raised a few more inches on your desk? Maybe you don’t have the most ergonomic arrangement and you don’t want the expense of replacing your desk and chair. Or maybe your spend 60 hours a week or more at your desk and the long hours of tilting your head downward to look at the computer screen is working on your neck big time.

My neck became so painful and stiff, it was driving me mad. It became difficult to look over my shoulder at my blind spot while driving. I knew I had to do something if I was to continue my current work schedule. I was certain that if I could raise my screen to minimize the angle I needed to tilt my head downward, this would help. But where could I find a laptop stand like that?

Looking online, I found a number of laptop stands available. I purchased the iQunix aluminum and ventilated laptop stand. As seen as in the photo in this post, this item is simple. Because the bottom of the laptop is raised on the open frame, the unit is kept cooler. This stand raises the laptop about inches about four inches higher and tilts the keyboard toward you approximately 16 degrees. This laptop stand also has a lifetime guarantee.

This laptop stand has protective, non-slip pads. They protect the laptop from being scratched while sitting on the frame. These pads also prevent the laptop from sliding off the laptop stand. Furthermore, as you can see, the end of the framing of the stand is curved upward to prevent the laptop from slipping. This stand can accommodate laptops from 11 to 17 inches wide.

This product has given me a more ergonomic arrangement. It has been very helpful in bringing relief to my neck pain and stiffness. You can order a copy of this stand from Amazon by clicking here. I do receive a small commission on sales of the unit via this post.

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