For Better Sound Quality, Use an External Microphone with Your Mobile Device

Picture of a lapel microphoneDo you produce YouTube videos or podcast episodes? Or do you use Facebook Live or Periscope episodes? If your answer is yes and you don’t do so already, I strongly recommend that you use an external microphone instead of the built-in microphone with your mobile device to produce your episodes. This is a big deal for me. I am a stickler for excellent sound quality. Poor audio has always been a turn off for me.

The sound quality of your built-in microphone for your mobile device may be good. But using a good quality external mic instead is even better. That’s the lesson I learned a few months ago. I wanted to produce some video teachings for my blog page. After I did the first video as a test, using the built-in microphone of my smart phone, I saw the need for better sound quality. That’s when I started looking for other options.

After some research online and hearing what others had to say, I was convinced that using an external microphone instead of the built-in mic was the way to go. So I started looking online to see what was available. Eventually, I came across the Pop Voice lapel microphone (see the photo). Let me tell you, this best-selling lapel mic provides excellent sound quality at a low cost.

By the time I received the Pop Voice mic in the mail, I had already completed several audio-visual episodes using my phone’s built-in mic. But once I produced an episode with the Pop Voice lapel microphone, the difference was compelling. For better sound quality, I had to re-do the episodes I had already done using my device’s built-in microphone.

According to Pop Voice, its lapel microphone is specifically designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony, LG, Blackberry & Windows Smartphones, Retina Macbook Pro Air, and other Android devices. I use my lapel microphone exclusively with my iPhone. This is an omnidirectional microphone. This means the microphone will pick up sound with equal gain from all sides or directions of the microphone. The microphone comes with an adapter for using with your laptop or pc.

If you are a blogger and/or a podcaster as I am, an external microphone can greatly improve the quality of your audio presentation. If you are looking for a lapel microphone to provide better sound quality at low cost, the Pop Voice microphone is a good choice. You can order one on Amazon by clicking here.  

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