Only Jesus Can Quench Our “Spiritual Thirst”

A pitcher and a glass of ice and waterIn preparation for Hurricane Irma, my wife and I went trying to find a supply of bottled water. She went to one Walmart location, and I went to another. Both of us came up empty. In the location I visited, there was not one case or gallon of water. After leaving Walmart, I went to two other stores—same situation.

I was surprise to see how quickly the water was gone from local store shelves. I live in Georgia, the hurricane had not yet reached the United States; and based on the weather models at the time, the hurricane was expected to make landfall in the state of Florida.  But I understand the anxiety. Water is not an option but a must. We can go weeks without food but only days without water. And no matter how much water we drink today, we will thirst for water again tomorrow.

Besides drinking water, we need another kind of water to quench our spiritual thirst. We need the living water that only Christ can give us.

Jesus spoke about this living water with the Samaritan woman He met at the well. As for the water she came to draw from the well, Jesus says, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst” (John 4:13b-14a).

As a result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, every one of us was born with this spiritual thirst. Unbelievers can’t put their hands on the mystery. They just know that deep within them something is missing. They may try many things in life hoping to satisfy their spiritual void, but it will all be to no avail. Only Christ can satisfy their spiritual thirst.

When Jesus gives us living waters, we will never thirst again. Our natural thirst won’t go away. We will still need drinking water for our body daily. But our spirit will never thirst again. That sense of something being missing within becomes a thing of the past.

We have many sources of drinking water. But there is only one Source of living waters. His name is Jesus. Those who repent of their sins and believe on Him will never “thirst” again.

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