The Lord Can Work a Miracle in Your Life

Young girl outside staring aimlesslyOne day, Jesus was in the wilderness with a multitude of followers. Having five loaves of bread and two fish, He fed about five thousand men (Mark 6:44). After everyone had eaten all they wanted, 12 baskets of fragments remained!

Of course, we know this feat was not humanly possible. But that’s the point. The Lord can work a miracle with the little we have, if we place it into His care and trust Him. The question is, can we trust the Lord with our lack so He can bless us with what we need?

The multitude ended up in the wilderness because they had been following Jesus. They were hungry, and they were too far from the city to buy food. The disciples were at a loss as to what to do, but Jesus was not. He always knows what to do.

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation in your life today. There is no human answer to your problem at hand. You are not without hope as those who don’t know the Lord. But in these moments, God is calling you to trust Him. So take the little you have (money, health, ministry work, etc.), and place it into the Master’s hand. He can work a miracle if you trust Him.

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