Independence Day Should Remind Us of How Blessed We Are

Picture of Independence Day celebrationToday, we in the USA celebrate the independence of our nation. No matter how you plan to celebrate this Independence Day, be sure to thank God for the blessings our nation enjoys. At times we may find ourselves complaining about things here. But in so many other places around the world, the people there would trade places with us in a heartbeat.

I know I am truly blessed to live in this great country. The humbling thing about it is that I had absolutely nothing to do with where I was born. It was solely by the grace of God I was born here. Had it not been for His grace, I could have been born in a Third World country!

What would you say if I were to ask 50 of you in America, what are you doing this fourth of July? It is possible that I would get fifty different replies. Here, the possibilities are almost countless. This underscores the abundant blessings and freedoms we enjoy in this country. But, believe me, it is more the exception than the rule around the world.

In some countries, it is life-threatening to be a Christian. Some of our brothers and sisters are being killed for their faith. But in America, we are free to serve the Lord as passionately as we want to. In some countries, the children drink from polluted streams to quench their thirst. In America, we can use safe drinking water to water our grass and clean our cars. In a number of countries, we have seen the people rise up against dictators, demanding a voice in government. In America, we embrace a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

This may come as a shock to some of you. But we in the USA are no more special in the eyes of God than those in other places around the world are. And so this Independence Day, I am praying for all those around the world who are devoid of the quality of life we enjoy here in America. May they come to know the same blessings we do and the God of such awesome provisions. It is His will that those of us who know Christ labor toward this end. I am saying that we have been blessed to be a blessing. I invite you to join me in praying for less fortunate nations on this Independence Day.

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2 thoughts on “Independence Day Should Remind Us of How Blessed We Are

  1. Thank you for this important message. I lead a weekly prayer group that prays for the persecuted Christians worldwide. Yet, only a few from our large church show any interest in coming to pray. I also attend a multi-church monthly prayer meeting that prays for our country. Less than 20 attend. So sad.

    • That is sad but so real in the church today. In America, few Christians know real persecution firsthand. Perhaps that’s what makes us numb to the reality of persecution against Christians around the world.

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