There’s Something Special about Mothers Praying for Their Children

Flowers for Mother's DayFirst of all, let me wish all of you mothers a happy and blessed Mother’s Day. Thank you for all the amazing things that you do.

Every mother has had a child or children. That’s the normal rite of passage into motherhood. So in this post, mothers, I want to zero in on your children. In particular, I am speaking to those of you with teens or young adults. They live in a world that’s extremely different from the world I knew as a teen or college student. The most significant difference between those two generations is the spiritual condition of our world today. The powers of darkness are ramping up their assaults against humanity. Moreover, millennials are not big on Christianity and church attendance.

It is vitally important—parents—that we pray for our children. I happen to believe there is something special about mothers praying for their children. Why? Because mothers have a unique bond with their children. Mothers are the ones who carried them in their womb and birthed them. It is out of that special bond and motherly love that mothers of faith pray for their children.

In the human realm, a mother’s love runs deeper than most if not all other kinds of love. I know there are exceptions. For instance, take a mother who abandons her newborn child in a garbage can. We find that so shocking because such conduct is worlds away from what we expect from a mother with regard to her child.

In Paul’s letter to the church at Galatia, he talks about “faith expressing itself through love” (Gal. 5:6, NIV). In fact, he says in Christ, the only thing that avails anything is faith that expresses itself through love. At times, when someone came to Jesus for help, the Bible says He was moved with compassion.  He ministered in faith through love. Similarly, mothers praying for their children is an example of faith expressing itself through (motherly) love. And that’s a powerful thing.

May God bless all the mothers out there. Continue to pray for your children. They need our prayers. We cannot let the devil have them. I Thank God for that special place within a mother from which she prays for her children.

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2 thoughts on “There’s Something Special about Mothers Praying for Their Children

  1. Thank you Frank, for the important reminder to pray for our children and also our grandchildren. We who love them the most should pray the most.

    • You are welcome, Kathleen. I like the way you stated it. “We who love them the most should pray the most.” Prayer coupled with faith and love is a many powerful thing.

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