The Weapon of Truth Always Prevails Over the Lie

A sign with the words "truth" and "lies" I remember a story a preacher told in church over 40 years ago. I was not even a teen. I had virtually no interest in God at the time. But the gist of the story has stayed with me. This preacher told about the truth and the lie. The two went on their respective journeys to tell their versions of something that had happened. The lie ran fast taking short cuts so he could arrive to give his version first. The truth took his time and arrived much later. But when the truth arrived, it was still the truth.

The point is that the truth will always be the truth. All the lies in the world can’t change or nullify truth. And ultimately, the truth always prevails over the lie.  In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he talks about the whole armor of God. He says we should clothe ourselves accordingly, if we want to stand against the wiles of the devil. Included in this armor is truth (Ephesians 6:14). Truth is a powerful weapon against the devil. The Bible refers to him as the father of lies. And truth always prevails over the lie.

I thought on the subject of truth and lies this week as I reflected on the on-going investigation into Russia’s involvement into our recent presidential election and whether or not there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. A series of recent acts by President Trump smack of someone having something significant to hide. The truth is, however, we currently don’t know the truth of the matter. But mark my words: the truth of this matter will prevail over the lie. In the end, no efforts to cover up the truth will succeed.

It is important that we walk in truth in our daily lives. We don’t have to know about the schemes of the devil or other people that are directed against us. We just need to make sure we are walking in the truth because the truth always prevails over lies and evil.  Our primary source of truth is the Word of God. Whenever we walk in the truths of His Word, He honors His Word, causing us to be victorious. Attempts to sustain a lie will beget more lies, tying the purveyor into his own web. But the truth of God’s Word will make us free.  

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2 thoughts on “The Weapon of Truth Always Prevails Over the Lie

  1. I so appreciate your wisdom, Pastor Frank! It’s true that we don’t need to know the schemes of the devil or of others against us. We just need to make sure we are walking in God’s truth daily. Amen.

    • The devil is the father of lies. When we walk in truth we know God is on our side because He is always on the side of truth. No need for us to stand in the valley of decision about which way to go. Truth is always the winning hand.

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