If You Are A Christian, You Should Enjoy Serving the Lord

Meat being cooked on a grillDo you enjoy serving the Lord? Do you find it fulfilling to labor for the Kingdom? Or is that burdensome to you? Jesus said, “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work” (John 4:34). Physically, Jesus felt the weight of the ministry. But this weight paled in comparison to His passion for doing the will of the Father. We should have a similar zeal in serving the Lord. At times, we should become so consumed by what we do in His name that missing a natural meal is no big deal.

If we don’t enjoy serving the Lord, we should ask ourselves why. It’s not normal for bona fide Christians to feel that way. Such discontent suggests that something about us needs tending to. We have been born again from above. The Spirit within us lusts to do the will of the Father. As Jesus did, we should find it gratifying to labor for the Lord.

Our attitude toward doing the Lord’s work is a reflection of our spiritual status. Are we outside the will of God, doing something He has not called us to do? Has our relationship with Him been weighed and found wanting? We have not fully arrived in our walk with the Lord until we enjoy doing the will of Him who has saved and called us.

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