Your Church Involvement (or the lack thereof) Matters

Bible quote from Joshua 24:15Sometimes, a simple event in life can teach powerful lessons. Or underscore important truths. I had such an experience this past week.

A week ago, I started showing symptoms of what turned out to be a bad cold. At least that’s what I say it was. I had it all: coughing like crazy, the chills, light-headedness, runny nose, constant nose-blowing, etc. The first three days, I lost several pounds. I was so preoccupied with reacting to the symptoms of the cold that eating was not a priority.

I knew, however,  I needed to concentrate on eating more to properly fuel my body. But my main challenge in that area was that I had lost my sense of taste due to the cold. From what little I have read, this is normally due to congestion and inflammation of one’s nasal passages. Having a healthy sense of taste might seem like a minor thing. We tend to take it for granted because it seems like an automatic thing. It’s only when we temporarily lose it that we realize how important it is. Who can get excited about eating  food when food doesn’t taste like food?

About four days into my bout with the cold, I perceived I was beginning to regain some sense of taste. So my wife and I went to the mall’s food court, and I bought one of my favorite sub sandwiches. I tell you, a buffalo chicken sub has never tasted so good as it did that day. And because food tasted like food again, my appetite began to normalize. All I can say is thank God for sense of taste. It plays a vital role, but we seldom pay it any attention. 

 In a similar way, every member of the body of Christ is relevant to the proper functioning of the Christian body. We tend to pay attention to the more visible members such as preachers, teachers, and musicians. We may take for granted those believers who have less visible gifts and abilities. But the church involvement of every member matters.

By church involvement, I mean involvement in the work that the Lord has called the church to do. He has imparted ability to every member of the body to effectively contribute to that work. Again, every true believer has something relevant to offer.

You may feel that because no one recognizes what you do, what you do or don’t do, makes no difference. Nothing can be further from the truth. Every bona fide member of the body who shuns church involvement negatively impacts the overall health of the church. Moreover, in the eyes of God, all of us are equally relevant. For “God has tempered the body together, having given more abundant honor to the part which lacked: That there should be no schism in the body…” (1 Corinthians 12:24-25, KJV).

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2 thoughts on “Your Church Involvement (or the lack thereof) Matters

  1. This is absolutely true! EVERY church member can make a difference for Christ. Once our janitor noticed a man sitting in church alone on a weekday. He asked if he could sit with him a moment. The man opened up to him and the janitor led him to the Lord. A few days later the man came to the church office. The secretary thought he wanted to see the pastor. “No, I’d like to talk with the janitor again.”

    • As a pastor, I sometimes think about all the untapped potential existing in every local church. No one should belittle what God has gifted them to do. He has tempered the body of Christ in such a way that we are all equally relevant.

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