Our Faith Matters Most When We Are Being Tested

An empty cross and the words of Mark 9:23We are called to live our daily lives by faith. But some believers pay little attention to their faith when all is well in their life. Faith to them is like a spiritual spare tire. They only think about it when an emergency comes. Though that’s the wrong mindset, it is true that our faith matters most when challenges come in our life.

Just before Jesus was apprehended to be crucified, He said to Peter; “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat” (Luke 22:31). The word that renders “desired” in this verse means to request or demand. Satan requested to have Peter so he could sift him as wheat. When wheat is sifted, the grain is thrown into the air and agitated so the sieve can separate the chaff from among the wheat.

Similarly, Satan wants to agitate our life and virtually toss us as in the air.

But note what Jesus said He did about Satan’s plan: “I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not” (verse 32). Jesus knew the enemy’s will with respect to Peter. But He did not intervene to shelter Peter. Instead, Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would last so he could endure the test. The point is that if we can keep our faith in God intact, we can endure anything.

Jesus knew Peter was about to be tested. He knew this was the time when faith matters most. So He prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail him during the test.

The enemy wants to do the same thing to us that he wanted to do to Peter. He wants to stir things up in our life. He wants to toss us to and fro and agitate us to the intent that we might abandon our faith in God. The devil knows that once we cast off our faith in God we are finished. That’s why we must give due attention to our faith.

We can’t treat our faith like we do a spare tire. We should strive to cultivate our faith in God even when all is well. A smart army does not wait until the battle comes to prepare for battle. Smart armies prepare for battle in the time of peace so when the battle comes they are ready. We must do the same with our faith. Our faith matters most when tests and challenges come in our life. But if we neglect deepening our faith when times are good, it won’t serve us well when trouble comes.  

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2 thoughts on “Our Faith Matters Most When We Are Being Tested

  1. I like your comparison of treating your faith like a spare tire. It wouldn’t work for me…because I would need a spare tire daily!

    • We should live by faith in God every day. That’s the only way to grow in faith. The more we exercise our faith, the stronger it becomes.

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