God Has Anointed Us, Sealed Us, and Given Us the Earnest of the Spirit

Abstract with the words "Born To Rise Again"The plan of salvation is simple. We are saved by grace through faith in Christ. But the effect of salvation is such that true believers stay with the Lord for a lifetime.

What makes us so anchored in Christ? What is it that assures us that upon salvation we will stay with Christ as long as we live? This mystery resides in a divine work that every believer experiences. “Now he which establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, is God,” Paul writes in his second letter to the church at Corinth (2 Cor. 1:21). “Who has also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts” (verse 22).

According to these two verses, God has anointed us, sealed us, and given us the earnest of the Spirit. These divine works are an integral part of salvation. Let’s address each of them separately.

God has anointed us. The word that renders “anointed” means to smear or rub with oil. It denotes consecration for service. When we accept Christ as our Savior, God anoints us for His use.  We become vessels He works through and uses for His glory. He anoints each of us according to His purpose for our life.

God has sealed us. The word that renders “sealed” means to stamp as with a signet or private mark. In the Old Testament, the signet ring that was used for stamping an item or letter was engraved with the owner’s name. For us, God the King has sealed us. His has put His name upon us, certifying that we are genuinely His. No one can reverse this divine decree! Jesus says no one can pluck us out of His hand.

God has given us the earnest of the Spirit. The earnest is the initial payment of a purchase. It is a token of that which is to come. Upon salvation, God gives us a token of what He has promised. This earnest comes in the person of the Holy Spirit (see Eph. 1:13, 14). Through life in the Spirit, we enjoy a taste of heaven on earth. We are confident God will make good on the fullness of His eternal promises.

When we observe someone responding to an invitation to accept Christ, the person makes a statement about or affirms his belief in Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross. But as we have discussed, the salvation experience is so much more than meets the eye. We are born again from above. God has anointed us, sealed us, and given us the earnest of our inheritance. To God be the glory!

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2 thoughts on “God Has Anointed Us, Sealed Us, and Given Us the Earnest of the Spirit

  1. So very encouraging! Truly the plan of salvation is simple. Unfortunately, there are many who believe it’s TOO simple to be believable. Yet we who choose to believe are anointed, sealed, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Praise Him!

    • The salvation of the Lord is so amazing. I wish everyone could experience it is. Some people also believe salvation is too simple to change their life. But what God does to anoint, seal and indwell us is beyond description.

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