A Snapshot of What Christmas is All About

Christmas gifts and ornamentsLast night, I attended a Christmas program. It was held at Teen Missions, Inc., a non-denominational, Christian discipleship ministry. The ministry has 17 centers around the country. I teach once a month at the center located in our city. I make it a priority to attend the annual Easter and Christmas programs at the center. They showcase the talents of the participants (called residents) in the program. They in turn love having the support of the teachers like me who volunteer their time there.

Those who enter the center come seeking deliverance from drug and/or alcohol addiction. They must be willing to submit to Teen Missions’ Christ-centered approach as the way forward.

The incredible talents displayed by the residents during the annual programs always amaze me. Last night was no exception. The residents, most of them appearing to be between 20 and 30 years of age, were superb. They sung, played instruments, and performed in skits.

As I listened to the riveting testimonies of some of the participants during the Christmas program, I thought to myself, this is what Christmas is all about. The angel said concerning Jesus, “He shall save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). That’s what Jesus has been during at Teen Missions, Inc. since I have been ministering there the past 25 years. That’s why I continue to be a part of it. Each of the participants in the program was in a terrible place in life. When you see the change in their lives, you can’t help but acknowledge the life-changing power of God.

The talents of these redeemed men and women were headed to the grave along with them. But Jesus intervened in their lives and saved them. Now their gifts are being used to glorify God. Yes, this is exactly what Christmas is all about.

Let us never lose sight of what Christmas is all about. I love a number of things about Christmastime. For instance, I love the time I enjoy with my wife, children, other family members, and friends. I love the special meal we enjoy at the dinner table. I love seeing how people, churches, and organizations mobilize drives to put a smile on the faces of less fortunate children and families for the Yuletide. I love the individual acts of kindness that people do this time of the year. But I got a snapshot of the real meaning of Christmas last night when I saw those “trophies” for God being displayed. Jesus came into their lives and saved them from their sins.

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2 thoughts on “A Snapshot of What Christmas is All About

  1. What a beautiful testimony of what teen missions is doing in the lives of those young people. It sounds similar to the teen challenge program we have in our city.
    Young people are delivered at freed from their addictions as they surrender their lives to Christ. Nothing is more beautiful than this at
    Christmas time!

    • Amen! Thank God for His Son who came to save us from our sins. As for Christmas, Jesus is front and center. All the other good things about Christmas are simply incidental.

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