Life is Precious; Live it to the Fullest

Background with the words "Live Life to the Fullest"By now, those of you who live in the Southeastern portion of the United States have heard of Hurricane Matthew. Since we live in that area and are less than 20 miles from the coast line, we were subject to a mandatory evacuation. My family and I drove west about three hours (under normal circumstances) to Macon, GA.

Clearly, many people took the life-threatening storm seriously. Through, I could not find a hotel that was not sold out—except in Atlanta, GA; 260 miles away. Through, the results were the same. The interstate was so crowded that our normal three-hour drive to Macon took over 6 hours.

The thought I visited during this experience is that people value their life. When it is threatened, most people will do what life-preservation dictates. On the highway, I saw a succession of six city buses transporting elderly people. I am assuming the elderly belonged to one or some of the local nursing homes.  Once I arrived at the hotel in Macon, I viewed a lot of the Weather Channel’s coverage of the storm. Some of those interviewed lamented for their loved ones they had to leave behind because they refused to leave home.

At the hotel, we received a number of calls from family members and friends wanting to know if we were all right. We, or more specifically my wife, did likewise for others.

No one likes the inconvenience of a life-threatening hurricane. Millions of people are uprooted. Normal routines are cancelled. But the Hurricane Matthew event underscores an important point Jesus made: “A man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things he possesses” (Luke 12:15). Generally, if we have to choose between staying home in the convenience of our home and leaving it to save our life, we will opt for the latter. Destroyed property can be replaced. Lost lives cannot.

I said all that to make one simple but important statement: Life is precious. It may be hard for us to believe, but our life is even more precious to God than it is to us. He wants the very best for each of us. Also, remember we have only one life to live. Don’t miss out on it. Live life to the fullest. Live it to bring glory to God. Live it to become all that God has given you the potential to be. Live it to leave a positive mark on this world that cannot easily be erased.

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2 thoughts on “Life is Precious; Live it to the Fullest

  1. Wow! So interesting to read of someone’s experience–someone I feel I know. Was surprised to learn you lived so close to the Florida coast. I’m glad you’re safe. Regarding your blog’s message of how to live one’s life. You final sentence in your blog was the best: ” Live it to leave a positive mark on this world that cannot easily be erased.” Thank you Frank!

    • Thanks, Kathleen. We finally got power on near the end of the fifth day. Praise God. That is certainly my goal–to leave a positive mark on this world that cannot easily be removed.

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