Discipline Your Children to Follow the Lord–Sooner not Later

Father reading the Bible to his sonGod knows far more about molding our children into champions than we do. He is their all-wise Creator. He knows how He wired them. He knows the value of parental discipline in the early life of children.

So God says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:16). The word train in this verse means to initiate or to imbue (saturate or stain). It denotes diligence and not passiveness.

According to this verse, we should get started with this important parental duty early in our child’s life. Some parents tend to take a wait-and-see attitude toward discipline. By that I mean they shun their duty during the early years of childhood. Only when their child becomes a problem that can’t be ignored do they try to rein him or her in. Of course, late is better than never. But, parents, the longer we defer the process, the less likely will be our chance of success.

My wife and I were blessed with six children—three boys and three girls. Except for some part-time work a couple of short periods, my wife did not work outside the home until our last child started school. Her hands were full trying to guide our busy home. I understand that for many families today, both parents may need to work. My main point for bringing up our approach was to underscore how important parental discipline is.

Even if both parents work outside the home, diligence in training up children in the way they should go must remain a priority. Negligence in the area of parental discipline while hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster.

I believe most parents agree that the job of parental discipline is much more difficult these days. Our world is becoming increasingly more complex. The moral fabric of our society continues to weaken. Even the agenda of our educational system has stacked the deck against our efforts to raise our children with sound biblical values.

That’s why parents must be diligent in the business of discipline. God has called us to train our children in the way of the Lord. In doing so, they will be more responsive to His purpose for their lives. According to the Bible, when we train up our children in the way of the Lord, they will not depart that way. Consider the awesome power God has placed in our hands as parents. He has made us laborers together with Him in building champions in this world and for the Kingdom of God.

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2 thoughts on “Discipline Your Children to Follow the Lord–Sooner not Later

  1. Absolutely! I remember our pediatrician telling me that if we can’t get the kids to obey when they are 3 y.o., we will have lots of trouble when they are 13.

    • Kathleen, 3 years old is also the number I have heard many times. Based on that, the window of opportunity to maximize our impact on the training up of our children is quite narrow.

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