Keeping the Faith during the Test is Part of the Battle

Bible verse about keeping the faithLast Friday night, I attended a high school football game. It was Homecoming night for one of the teams. That team won the game 45-00! Needless to say, that team had much to celebrate.

During the final minutes of the game, I thought about the losing team. I wondered how its players were feeling on the inside during the humiliating defeat. They had little or nothing to rejoice about the entire night. Clearly, their opponent was the better team. But to lose heart in the process adds to the defeat. I believe that dynamic was at work during the game.

Then I thought about people who endure long, difficult times in life.  It does not matter who you are in Christ, given the right set of circumstances, you can feel a sense of discouragement. You can find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster with respect to your faith in God. Keeping the faith during the test is part of the battle.

It’s easy to be happy in life and excited about God when all is well. You don’t even have to try. Those feelings are incidental to life going well. But we have to work at keeping the faith when it seems as if we are losing in the game of life. Our faith in God is vital because all things are possible to him that believes. Faith enables us to see beyond the gloomy present to a victorious tomorrow. But if we fail to keep the faith during the test, we will surely lose the battle.

One of my observations is that some believers tend to withdraw from the local church when life is not going well. They don’t want to be bothered. They don’t want people asking them a lot of questions. And some of these believers become bitter toward God. They feel He has let them down.

I believe that for Christians, this is one of the worst responses to being beat down by life. It’s during such times that we need to hear a Word from the Lord. We need the encouragement of other people of faith. Of course, the devil would love for us to cower in cave somewhere and die. He wants us to abandon our faith in God. He knows that for us keeping the faith during the test is a vital part of the battle.

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  1. Yes, and those going through the battle need Christians to come alongside and offer encouragement and prayer. There are more going through difficulties right now than we realize.

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