Indiana Gets Its Second “Baby Drop-Off” Box

Sketch of a mother and a babyA few days ago, I read something I found troubling. The news was that the first two baby drop-off boxes for unwanted infants had been set up in Indiana. The second one was installed just last Thursday. Mothers who don’t want their infant child can place the unwanted infant in one of the boxes anonymously.

Are you kidding me?

Those supporting these “safe haven” boxes argue that infants placed in them will be tended to more quickly than if they are abandoned differently. I get that. I really do. I can see the compassion in this provision in Indiana.

Still, I find this whole trend troubling. I am writing this post on Mother’s Day weekend, by the way. I mention that because it’s my impression of a mother’s love that’s being challenged by this baby drop-off-box thing. I have always believed that a mother’s love is second only to God’s love. A mother will stand up for and support her child when no one else will.

But now we have mothers not wanting the fruit of their womb and placing unwanted infants in boxes. These boxes are climate controlled and padded. They have a security system that alerts emergency workers when an infant has been placed inside a box.

This process makes it too easy for a mother to give up her unwanted child. It makes the state complicit in the abandonment. In my view, the end result is that the reproach due a mother abandoning her child is being downplayed. Also, mothers who know of this option may become less inclined to consider other options.

What has happened in Indiana so far is only the beginning. Reportedly, more than 100 of these baby drop-off boxes are in the works. I am reminded of Paul the apostle’s words in his second letter to Timothy. Paul reveals a number of conditions that will effect perilous times in the last days. One thing he mentions is people being “without natural affection.” Perhaps that’s what’s contributing to the rise of these baby “drop-off boxes.”

This post is not put a down of what the state is doing. The unavoidable fact is that some women are going to abandon their unwanted infants. I am sure some of those reasons are complicated. The state is trying to reduce the potential dire consequences from these abandonments. What I find troubling, however, is what it suggests with regard to the “natural affection” that should exist between a mother and the fruit of her womb.

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2 thoughts on “Indiana Gets Its Second “Baby Drop-Off” Box

  1. I agree. The increase in the lack of natural affection is troubling. Of course, much of this is due to drugs/alcohol. But the trend is certainly a concern.

    • I agree, Kathleen. Drugs/alcohol are a real problem. It just boggles my mind that the current trend has given rise to these drop-off boxes. To me, this is a sad reality. But that’s why God has placed the church here–to be the light of the world; to be the salt of the earth; to make this world a better place.

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