Why You Should Attend Church

Young girl going to church

Going to Church

I have heard a number of silly reasons people unite with a local Christian church. And I know it’s a misnomer to use the word unite. One does not unite with or join the Christian church. Rather, we become baptized into the Body through faith in Christ. But I am just using the terminology people use.

On more than one occasion, I have heard a person being urged to “join” the church so he will have a place to have his funeral service. What a ridiculous idea. It does not matter where a person’s funeral service is held if he never accepted Christ. The religious façade will be to no avail. Moreover, the persons that were so counseled were not old but young. I submit that a funeral arrangement for one’s death is one of the farthest things from a young person’s mind.

Another reason I know some people unite with or “join” a local church is so they can participate in the Holy Communion rite. This is just crazy. If that’s your main reason, why not go to your local grocery store and buy some bread and grape juice and have at it? The Bible warns of consequences for participating in the communion rite while not respecting it as the partaking of the body and blood of the Lord.

Then I have heard a young man joke that he attends church because he wants him a nice church girl. Why? She will remain faithful no matter what he’s doing out there, he argued.

I have touched on a few of the mindless reasons people “join” or attend church. I am sure the list can go on and on. How did we get so screwed up in our thinking?

So why do you attend church? Hopefully, your reasons include the following: to worship the Lord, to be instructed in the Word of God, to be edified in your faith, for corporate prayer and to be equipped for serving the Lord.

The Christian church is not a social club. It is not religiosity. It is not in the business of entertainment. It’s not an arm of any political party. But as members of the body of Christ, we are His ambassadors in the world. Our consuming passion should be to see the lost reconciled to God. To worship Him and to become properly equipped for this cause should be the primary reasons we belong to and attend church.

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