Transforming Moments with God, Frank King’s New Book Released

Transforming Moments with God Book Cover

Transforming Moments with God Book Cover



What difference can ten minutes a day with God make? Each day for most of us is a race against the clock. We must not allow the busyness of life, however, to squeeze God out of our schedule. Author Frank King’s new book, Transforming Moments with God, is here to help. This devotional will enable you to connect with God in a focused and spiritually significant way—in only ten minutes a day.


September-2014—Author Frank King, a minister of the gospel for over 30 years, is passionate about helping others grow in their walk with the Lord. His new book, Transforming Moments with God, was born out of that passion. This book of devotions is aimed at strengthening—or even revolutionizing—your relationship with the Lord. The book can be effectively used in as little as ten minutes a day. That means anyone can fit the use of it into his daily schedule.

It is highly unlikely that Transforming Moments with God will be a book you buy, read a few pages, and retire to your book shelf. The 90 devotions that comprise the book cover a wide range of topics, all of them relevant to a Christian’s spiritual development. Transforming Moments with God is suitable for Christian teens and adults of all ages. Each devotion provides the reader with the following:

1. An approximately 400-word insightful commentary on the Bible verse

2. A thought to meditate on to reinforce the lesson

3. Space for jotting down a personal reflection

4. The beginning lines of a prayer that the reader is to complete from his heart

About the Author: Frank King served as a senior pastor of churches for twelve years. He currently ministers as an evangelist. He holds a Master of Theology degree. He has been preaching and teaching the Word of God for over 30 years. He wrote curriculum material on assignment for a major denomination for a period of seven years. Frank is also the author of Indiscreetly Yours, a Christian novel for teens; and Steps to the Victorious Walk, to help Christians realize spiritual maturity.

Transforming Moments with God can be ordered on line at the following locations:


2. Westbow Press (publisher’s website)

3. (author’s website)

Transforming Moments with God can also be ordered at your local bookseller. Author contact info:

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3 thoughts on “Transforming Moments with God, Frank King’s New Book Released

  1. Today is October 3, just read my day 10 devotional. It was a present help for the troubled time in which we are and will be experincing.
    Thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumphant.
    Regardless of the test, I wont entertain defeat.
    Thanks for the Transforming moments with God.

    Gloria Cleveland Williams

    • Gloria, thanks for your comment. Thanks for purchasing a copy of the book. I am glad to know that you are reading/using it. May it be a blessing to your life.

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