Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

Wedding couple holding handsAccording to a study released by the Pew Research Center earlier this week, 39 percent of Americans see marriage becoming obsolete. This is up from 28 percent in 1978. According to the study, the majority of Americans still have a positive view of marriage. But the idea of marriage becoming obsolete is what made the news this week.


What interests me in the study is the word obsolete. This is a strong word. It denotes something that’s no longer practical or usable. So, in effect, about 40 percent of Americans see marriage as irrelevant, something we can write off, according to the study. Through what kind of lens would a person be looking to view marriage this way? God came up with the idea of marriage, and He never does the irrelevant.  Obviously those who see marriage becoming obsolete do not have a perspective consistent with God’s on the subject.


For example, God regards sex before marriage and sex outside of marriage as sin. Remember adultery and fornication? So to Him marriage will always be essential to society because it is the means He endorses for a man and a woman to bring forth children and replenish the earth. In our society, on the other hand, it is totally acceptable for unmarried couples to live together and to bear children. Looking at things that way, one can see how many Americans might see marriage becoming obsolete. The thirty-nine percent referred to in the study is a high number of Americans who see marriage becoming obsolete. That’s approximately 2 out of every 5 persons. The survey has a total margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.


Even on the low side, we are talking tens of millions of adults. But the trend highlighted in the report is consistent with something the Bible says about what people’s attitude toward marriage will be in the last days. As the end nears, there will be those who “forbid people to marry” (1 Timothy 4:3). Forbidding others from marrying is much stronger than simply seeing marriage becoming obsolete. Forbidding marriage is tantamount to seeing marriage as the enemy. My point? It is that with time, society’s view toward marriage will become less and less favorable. This suggests a continuously increasing departure from God’s perspective on the significance of marriage. This study by the Pew Research Center is simply a microcosm of our society’s continual drift from God on all fronts, and it will continue with time.

God knows more about what’s best for our society than people do. He created man and woman.  Marriage was His idea. Marriage is a fundamental building block to our society. Stable marriages promote stable families. And stable families promote stable neighborhoods. And stable neighborhoods promote stable cities and a stable nation. That’s not obsolete. That’s essential. I’m sticking with God’s plan. What about you?

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5 thoughts on “Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

  1. Hi Frank,

    Very well said. I agree with you 100%. Although I find it odd that 39% of Americans believe marriage is becoming obsolete, while lesbians and homosexuals are fighting tooth and nail for their right to marry in every state. Makes you wonder, huh? Maybe it’s heterosexual marriage that millions of people are opposed of.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


  2. That is an interesting thought. Perhaps to the gay community, the prospect of the right to marry is new and exciting at this point.

    Anyway, blessings to you this Thanksgiving holiday as well.


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