Youths Today Need Faith in God

Young boy sitting in the front of the congregationI believe most people would agree that the current economy is tough. It is particularly difficult on young adults entering the workforce and trying to make it on their own. The good jobs are few and far between. Having a good education and a marketable skill don’t assure young adults they will find their dream job. But faith in God is required as well.

This subject is dear to my heart. My youngest daughter graduated almost a year ago, and still she has not found a job in her field of study, information technology. Two former colleagues of mine have the exact situation. This reality repeats itself throughout the country, as businesses play it on the safe side.

My how times have changed—for the worse. When I graduated from college in 1978, my first engineering job was at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, working on the Space Shuttle program. Before I graduated, I had two good job offers, and I didn’t even go looking for them. These came through talking with recruiters who visited my college. Their firms were looking for as many promising college graduates as they could find.

That’s certainly not the case today.  So what’s a young person to do? As a preacher of the gospel, it has long been my conviction that our faith in God or the lack thereof greatly bears on our quality of life. As time marches on and the business of living becomes more challenging on many fronts, my conviction has become even stronger. My boast is that God’s ability to bless us and to take care of us is not subject to the state of our economy. For instance, Jesus said, “Everything is possible for him who believes” ( Mark 9:23, NIV).

Accordingly, if we want to enjoy a blessed life even in these days, we can if we will have faith in God! There are still good job opportunities out there. No, they are not as plenteous as they used to be. And, yes, just because you attend an elite school and graduate with honors, these don’t guarantee you success. But with God all things are possible. It follows then that as part of a young person’s strategy for success in life, youths today need faith in God. As parents, it’s great that we work and save money to send our children to college. But also, we must model and emphasize to them the need to live by faith in God.

The folks in Congress and the White House may not know how to put America back on a road to prosperity, but God knows how—if we would only trust Him. He has possibilities at His disposal that are out of this world. In a couple of months from the date of this post, a new wave of college graduates will be out there trying to cash in on their years of hard work and preparation to enter the workforce. They will be competing against some of last year’s graduates, like my daughter. They will also be competing against thousands who have been laid off, victims of the current economic slump, and who desperately need work.

To be sure, there will be a shortage of good jobs to go around. But the God we serve is more than able to bless us in spite of it all. I say to youths and parents alike, let us not be moved by what we see. “We walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

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