God Is Not Finished With You

I believe many Christians will admit that they are not satisfied with their current relationship with Christ. Perhaps they are struggling morally in one or more areas in their life, and they can’t seem to get victory. Or maybe they feel inept to effectively do what they know God has called them to do in the […]

God is Doing a Good Work in You (Audio Teaching)

Upon salvation, we have not arrived. Rather, we have only just begun. The good work God began in us at salvation, He will continue. Each of us is in a different place in our relationship with the Lord. But where we are in Christ today is not where we will be in Him tomorrow. That’s […]

God’s Progressive Work in Us

  In every local church, there are new converts, there are the mature believers, and there are those in between. To me, this has some serious implications on how we should interact with each other. Each of us comes from a different place that God has brought us from, and the pace of God’s work […]