God Cares about Everything That Concerns You

If you pray to God regularly, I am sure you pray about spiritual things and significant issues pertaining to your health or temporal needs. But are there some things that concern you that you tend to not “bother God” with? A few days ago, I was praying and I mentioned to God about a situation […]

Quit Trying to Carry God’s Load

God has not called us to bear every load that life places upon us. Rather, He has given us a number of resources to help us win in the game of life. For instance, Jesus taught us how to pray to God. He also stressed the need to have faith in God. And think about […]

Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord

Nowhere in the Bible does God promise that life will be all good and easy when we become Christians. More than once, I have heard a Christian or preacher more than imply to others that if they are tired of suffering, they need to come out of this world and become a Christian. The truth […]