Chick-fil-A Management Offers Its Building to Church for Sunday Worship

Did While online, I read an interesting story that caught my attention. The White Oak Community Church in Sandston, Virginia, did not have a place to hold its Sunday worship meeting. It had been using the ballroom at a nearby Econo Lodge hotel. That space became unavailable to the church because of some building issues. […]

Is God an Active Partner in Your Marriage?

To the question posed by the title of this post, you may be thinking well, yeah, my spouse and I are Christians. But just because the two of you are Christians does not mean God is an active partner in your marriage. He may be only a passive partner. In order for God to be […]

Our Relationship with Christ Makes the Difference

Last week, an army of white nationalists and white supremacists converged on Charlottesville, VA, for a rally. They were met there by crowds of counter protesters. As the two sides interacted, the event turned ugly and resulted in loss of life. Subsequently, all over the country, debates were taking place with regard to the fate […]

“Deep and Wide” by Andy Stanley Helps Churches Reach the Unchurched

I just finished reading the expanded edition of Pastor Andy Stanley’s book entitled, “Deep and Wide—Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend.” Andy Stanley, son of Dr. Charles Stanley, founded North Point Ministries, based in Atlanta, GA. This is one of the largest churches in North America. As the subtitle of the book implies, this […]

Our Moral Decline Concerns Most Americans but What Is Right and Wrong?

Does the increasing moral decline in America concern you? If it does, you are not alone. Most Americans are concerned about our moral decline. That’s the finding of a recent survey conducted by Lifeway Research. According to the findings, 81 percent of Americans agreed with the statement: “I am concerned about declining moral behavior in […]