Never Relate to God as If He Were a Man

Background with the words "God is Not a Man!"“God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent” (Num. 23:19). But sometimes, we can relate to God as if He were a man. For instance, we think He can’t solve our problem simply because we or no one else we know can solve it. This is especially true for those who lack knowledge of the Word of God. Or for those who know the Word but lack faith in what it says about the greatness of our God.

We must never view God through the lens of our humanity. Only the Word of God can give us a proper perspective on Him. Void of that perspective, we cannot properly relate to God.

Many years ago, I attended a week-long class at a university. As the facilitator was teaching, I raised my hand requesting that he adjust the focus on the projector. He looked at me a little perplexed, but attempted to make an adjustment. As he proceeded with his presentation, however, the content on the screen still looked blurred to me. So I raised my hand again, and requested that he adjust the focus again. At that time, a number of class attendees turned to me and said the projector was properly focused.

Sitting through the remainder of the class, I felt convinced that I was right and everyone else was wrong. I could not understand why the others were not seeing the same picture I was seeing. But when I returned home, I came to realize the problem was with me and not the others. I needed glasses. After I got them, the whole world looked better. Some trees in my neighborhood, to my surprise, were not bushy but had well-defined leaves!

Having my glasses, I thought on the class I mentioned above. I expected everyone to see things as I did because I viewed them in terms of my deficient status. Sad but true, sometimes we relate to God that way. Because we are limited, we have self-induced limitations on what we believe God can do on our behalf. Because we can’t see a solution, we view our case as hopeless even with Him.

But God is not a man. The Scriptures declare that with Him, nothing is impossible. Our mind and thinking can’t even take us where His power and ability can go. To properly relate to God, we must we view Him through the revelation of Scripture and trust Him to be the God the Bible says He is.

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2 thoughts on “Never Relate to God as If He Were a Man

  1. I remember the same experience the first time I wore glasses! I didn’t know it was possible to see things so clearly! Indeed, God can see the end from the beginning. Nothing is impossible with God!

    • You are right; nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes, we don’t think toward Him that way. He is not limited or at a loss about our situation just because we are.

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